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I have been attending yoga classes for nearly 40 years in the Chichester area . During the pandemic I fell and badly injured my knee and I thought I would never be able to do yoga again . However I saw Ellie’s Gentle Moves yoga class advertised at Hamblin Hall enrolled and never looked back . Ellie combines a wonderfully meditative approach with very clear instructions, constant observation ,  and gentle adjustment as necessary , of each individual with always lots of encouragement . I have regained confidence and balance and really look forward to and enjoy her classes immensely . For me Ellie is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had and would recommend her happily to anyone.

Rachel Adams

Ellie is a very gifted yoga teacher.With her calm, reassuring and relaxing manner she immediately puts the class at ease so that no matter what ability everyone can participate at their own level without feeling self conscious or nervous.  Ellie takes care to understand individual needs and disabilities designing her routines to build confidence and skills . At the same time her carefully chosen and varied exercises are sufficiently challenging so those who feel able can push themselves to improve their practice.

I would thoroughly recommend Ellie’s classes not only to the young and fit,  but also to those trying to retain strength and flexibility as they mature. I look forward immensely to her classes every week.

Sue Sinnett-Jones

I love Ellie because she makes you feel so good.
Her teaching is straight forward and at your level. She is calming and explains everything so well. She makes even small steps feel brilliant and encourages you to do your best in her lovely, kind genuine way.
I feel fabulous during the class and afterwards on both a physical, mental and emotional level.
I cannot recommend her enough. She is the sweetheart of the Yoga world.

Wendy Pearce-Vick

Had my first yoga session with Ellie today, can say I feel physically and mentally better after my first session! Ellie is an amazing yoga instructor, adapting sequences to my fitness level ensuring I am comfortable throughout!! I will be continuing yoga and I highly recommend Ellie to anyone.

Sophia Hothersall

Harun and I are so happy that we found you. You’re a very good teacher, with a well paced and designed set of asanas. You give very clear directions. We are glad to have started with you and intend to continue to develop our yoga techniques. 

We would certainly recommend those just starting out in yoga and those more advanced to work with you given your training in India. 

Mariani Coombes

Ellie is an inspirational yoga teacher for complete beginners or those who want to go further with their practice.  After demonstrating each asana, she takes time to make sure we are in the right position,  and her enthusiasm for yoga shines through each class. I love the way Ellie weaves yoga philosophy into each class.

Bernice Preddy

Ellie is a great instructor and makes sure everyone feels at ease. Would recommend for beginners as well as those who practice regularly as she is so good at explaining and she gives options for how much you want to challenge yourself.

Tasmin Scott

Ellie creates a lovely atmosphere in which to practise yoga with gentle music , incense & a genuine warm welcome .
She takes into consideration the individual ability of each student , aware of our age & experience , enabling us to develop the postures with comfort & confidence. 
There is no element of competition.
Her guidance is clear & supported with demonstrations throughout the class.

Lynne Waylen

Having practised yoga for approximately the last 25 years and had only 6 or 7 teachers in that time, I can tell you that your teaching is well up there with my past teachers. I enjoy your classes, they are just about right for my level, I find you to be very caring and aware of our limitations. I look forward to coming to your classes every week. 

Barbara Hastewell

After being with my last Yoga teacher for many years I was not sure how I would feel going to someone new, however I have found Ellie very welcoming her teaching is excellent I look forward to going to the classes.

Mary Ann Denn

Ellie is the most gracious yoga teacher you will find. She was instrumental to my yoga journey.

Natasha Hegde

Ellie possesses the most incredible energy that makes you feel calm and comfortable in her presence.
A friend and I had a very intimate and powerful mull harvest moon guided meditation with Ellie in which she really did think so everything. From warm chai tea for us to enjoy whilst walking through the village, being surrounded by nature, blankets, the most perfect spot for us to meditate by stream, music, incense and chocolate at the end for an energy boost.
Ellie has a really beautiful way of helping you to connect to yourself during her guided meditations and I can not wait to reconnect with Ellie again.
I can not recommend and thank her enough for such an incredible experience

Immy Lysandrou

I had been out of the yoga game for a while so wasn't feeling quite as limber as I might have done 5 years ago, but Ellie makes sure there's adaptations to fit all abilities and her calm tone and demeanor makes you feel completely at ease.

The class is a massive detox (the music, the incense, Ellie's beautiful words throughout the practice and overall vibe) and I come out feeling totally revitalised and like a completely different person. It does wonders for your mental health, and I've gotten back into yoga and started meditation because Ellie has opened my eyes to all the benefits and I'm so so thankful I met her! I've never felt so mentally and physically healthy - thank you so much Ellie, you are a shining yogi star! 

Hope Bullen

Since beginning meditation and mindfulness sessions with Ellie I have found my mental health has  significantly improved. After experiencing a number of traumatic experiences, traditional therapies just didn't seem to suit my needs. Spending time with Ellie guiding me through meditations has helped me to deal with the challenges I was facing by providing me time to really sit and reflect. The techniques Ellie uses and knowledge Ellie has is completely mindblowing! She has helped me to develop strategies to cope when things are overwhelming and I need a moment of calm. The things Ellie teaches can be implemented throughout your entire life! 

Seeds to Bloom is inclusive, welcoming and even if you are a sceptic will without a doubt benefit your mental wellbeing. I always leave Ellie's sessions feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! 

Thank you Ellie for your support and I look forward to our ongoing sessions together! 

Georgia Alston

I have always struggled with my anxiety and was looking for a new method of helping myself. Ellie's yoga class at The Pavilion has helped me tremendously, not only does Ellie teach wonderful physical sequences, she also teaches meditative breathing techniques that help to calm anxiety. I've been going for 8 months now and my frame of mind and physical ability has improved so much, there is no pressure and it is a really wonderful class in a beautiful area, Ellie gives clear instructions and offers help to ensure each move is done safely and correctly, she adapts each move to everyone's abilities and her calming nature really puts everyone at ease. It's such a wonderful experience!

Abbie Spencer

Ellie's yoga class is absolutely amazing. I always wanted to give a yoga class a go, but not being the most supple person and someone with low self-confidence, the thought of entering a yoga class, let alone actually doing a yoga class, made me very anxious. When my daughter suggested going to Ellies class with her ,I thought I should just give it a try at least once, so going with the thought of it being just that one time I went along, only to be met by Ellie, who instantly put me at ease. Ellie's gentle nature and her calm soul and reassurance made me feel like I could actually do this class, and so here I am 7 months later still going to her class, and I'm improving with every class I take, not only in the act of doing yoga but also with all the breathing techniques Ellie has taught us, I've also learnt how to take myself away and control my mindset through the breathing. I highly recommend Ellie's yoga class, it's my most favourite part of my week.

Emma Spencer

Such a gorgeous time to unwind, and be present in a blissful state, and beautiful setting. Ellie is an exceptional teacher, creating a lovely environment. Working with yoga, meditation and breath work. Very healing and body, mind & soul soothing. Thanks Ellie. Namaste Xx

Sara Griffin

I have been practising yoga with Ellie now for about a year.
In that year I have gained strength, and awareness of my body and developed my breath work.
Her gentle, nurturing and relaxed approach has been moving (literally) and helped me develop my
Yoga ability, confidence and of course, Flexibility.
I couldn't be without my weekly class, It has given me the confidence to be able to integrate Yoga and self love into my daily life
Thank you Ellie for guiding me through this wonderful journey

Melissa Badger

Ellie recently came to our house to lead a group yoga class for my sister’s hen do. We set up outside in the garden, and it was absolute bliss to practice yoga underneath the sound of birdsong and the feel of the morning sun! I gave Ellie some general pointers in advance about the sort of yoga my sister likes, and she designed a very well-thought-through practice that went above and beyond what we were expecting and included some personal touches perfect for the occasion, such as some time spent concentrating on our heart chakras and devoting the practice to a loved one…the perfect theme for my sister’s upcoming nuptials! With Ellie’s instructions she was able to guide everyone through the practice with ease no matter their level of yoga experience (even my mum, who’d never done yoga before). She was very friendly and adaptable and had a lovely, calming energy. I would definitely recommend.

Emily Morrison

Ellie took great care to design the session according to the values of our women’s leadership programme. Those who attended said they benefitted from the reflective and calming start to the day. Ellie agreed to organise the session at short-notice and we are very grateful. Thanks again!

Dr Jordan Matthews, University of Chichester

I love Ellie's yoga class. Its a class for mind and body
They are strengthening and restorative.
After a tough day at work the class brings me back to myself.
Ellie's instructions are clear with adaptations for all levels and as always with yoga you listen to your body and go with what you can do on that day.
I am so happy that I found this class.
Thank you Ellie

Louise Mizzi

A great introduction to meditation with Ellie. The hour passed very quickly and hopefully I can continue to make meditation part of my daily routine. Thanks Ellie

Bill Douglas

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