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Nurture Your Mind and Body with Seeds to Bloom


I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Ellie Sullivan I am a Yoga and meditation teacher. I have an innate desire to help people find a way to be their best selves. I truly believe yoga, mediation and mindfulness offer the keys needed to unlock our truest potential. Yoga is the catalyst for my own journey into an inner sense of peace, I have also cultivated an acceptance for my authentic self. It has made me more aware and kind to myself, those around me and the planet we all share. 

I was eighteen years old when I tried my first yoga class and I became intrigued with it instantly. I will be honest, I was mostly motivated by the physical and fitness related aspects of yoga. However, whilst I was pleased about getting fitter, stronger and healthier, the most profound thing to me was that I started becoming aware of my unhelpful thought patterns. I came to notice my own depreciating inner dialogue. I was not always very kind to myself, which was no doubt a large part of why I may have lacked confidence or had feelings of unworthiness. The first step was the awareness, and as I deepened into my practice I have come to accept every element of myself with loving kindness. 

My passion is to share the benefits of yoga with others, I want to empower others to prioritise their own well-being so that they can feel good and do good for themselves, others and their environment! I completed my yoga teacher training in India and am trained in traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, meditation, pranayama (breathing practice) and mindfulness techniques. 

Come and join me on the mat at one of my classes or retreats. Please note I am also available for private hire: one-to-one, retreats, celebrations, corporate events, community led projects and extra circular school activities. 

If you are unsure about whether Seeds to Bloom is for you, get in touch to connect with me I would love to hear from you.

See you on the mat!


Ellie x


I love Ellie because she makes you feel so good.
Her teaching is straight forward and at your level. She is calming and explains everything so well. She makes even small steps feel brilliant and encourages you to do your best in her lovely, kind genuine way.
I feel fabulous during the class and afterwards on both a physical, mental and emotional level.
I cannot recommend her enough. She is the sweetheart of the Yoga world.

I have been attending yoga classes for nearly 40 years in the Chichester area . During the pandemic I fell and badly injured my knee and I thought I would never be able to do yoga again . However I saw Ellie’s Gentle Moves yoga class advertised at Hamblin Hall enrolled and never looked back . Ellie combines a wonderfully meditative approach with very clear instructions, constant observation ,  and gentle adjustment as necessary , of each individual with always lots of encouragement . I have regained confidence and balance and really look forward to and enjoy her classes immensely . For me Ellie is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had and would recommend her happily to anyone

Wendy Pearce-Vick

Rachel Adams




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